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Published by African Educational Research Network (AERN -, The African Symposium is an interdisciplinary, fully referred, online journal dedicated to the publishing the finest scholarship related to African (mostly Nigerian) educational and human development issues in all disciplines.

Despite the relatively small number of public schools in Lagos, only 4% of primary school aged children were out of school in 2011 (World Bank, 2017). High enrollment rates are enabled by private schools filling the gap in provision.  In 2011,... More


DEEPEN is an innovative, ambitious programme that aims to improve the quality of education provided by private schools in Lagos. It responded to growing evidence, provided through the Education Sector Support Programme in Nigeria (ESSPIN), that... More


Private schools are the main education providers in Lagos. Pupils studying in private schools (and Bridge schools) in Lagos perform better on average in literacy and numeracy than pupils in public schools, even when factoring in background... More