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The purpose of this research work was to assess the impact of examination malpractices on the measurement of ability in Nigeria. The design of this study is survey research. A sample of 300 students and 100 lecturers randomly selected from four... More

The Civil society Action Coalition on Education for All (CSACEFA) is a coalition of NGOs, CBOs and FBOs working on education issues in Nigeria. Forty (40) education NGOs came together in the run-up to the World Education Summit in Dakar in April 2000 to form the coalition. CSACEFA developed a core set of positions and attended the Dakar Summit to join in the call for quality education for all.
The study was carried out to examine the effect of teachers’ motivational strategies on students’ academic achievement in Kwara State public secondary schools in Nigeria. The design of the study was a descriptive survey. The population consisted of... More
This study investigated the causes of poor performance in mathematics among public senior secondary schools students in Azare metropolis of Bauchi state, Nigeria. The study sample was 361 in which 300 were students and 61 teachers which were... More
Published by African Educational Research Network (AERN -, The African Symposium is an interdisciplinary, fully referred, online journal dedicated to the publishing the finest scholarship related to African (mostly Nigerian) educational and human development issues in all disciplines.

Despite the relatively small number of public schools in Lagos, only 4% of primary school aged children were out of school in 2011 (World Bank, 2017). High enrollment rates are enabled by private schools filling the gap in provision.  In 2011,... More