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Teacher Development Programme (TDP) Formative Research on Output 1: In-service teacher training activities

This policy brief outlines the findings of a formative research study that was commissioned from March to September 2016 in order to provide an...

The research capacity strenghtening strategy for evidence-based education policy and practice in Kaduna and Kano States, Nigeria

This report outlines a research capacity strenghtening strategy designed by the DFID funded Education Sector Support Programme in Nigeria (EDOREN...

Identifying, recruiting and deploying effective teachers in Kano and Kaduna States

This report outlines the findings of a study of in-depth issues relating to the recruitment and deployment of Teachers in public primary schools...

Learning opportunities for all: The critical role of teachers

This policy brief summarises Nigeria’s Annual Education Conference 2016. The conference aimed at providing the opportunity for communicating...

Rebuilding education services in emergencies: The role of, and support for teachers

This policy brief summarises one of the three sessions of Nigeria’s Annual Education Conference 2016. The session aimed to identify what...



Adesoji Oni a Fulbright scholar is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Educational Foundations, Faculty of Education, University of Lagos, Nigeria. He specializes in Sociology of Education. His area of research focus includes; social problems in...Read more


Open Journal Nigeria

The Open Journal Nigeria Initiative is an academic, non-profit, non-governmental organization (NGO) with the sole aim of providing free of all charges publication of academic and research works by Nigerian Authors under the Open Access Journal Model. Open Journal Nigeria is sustained by Volunteer Services, Donations and Orderly Adverts. The Initiative relies heavily on the Academic and Research experience of Senior Nigerian Professors who are to man the Editorial Boards of the various Journals to ensure 100% Quality and Plagiarism-proof publications. The Initiative was first put into action on April 1st, 2016 by the setting up of its official website The Initiative is currently embarking on an intense recruitment of Volunteer Senior Nigerian Professors to kick start the setting up and manning of its Journals.

Aim: To remove the financial barrier between Academic research and knowledge sharing.
Mission: To ensure that Quality, Professionalism and Knowledge in Nigeria Academic and Research works do not go unrecognized and unappreciated due to lack of funds for the publication of such works.
Motto: Knowledge and Recognition

Society for the Improvement of Rural People(SIRP)

Society for the Improvement of Rural People is an NGO registered in Nigeria by the Corporate Affairs Commission under the Limited By Guarantee status with RC no:371,555. Its head office is located at No:112 Zik Avenue, Uwani, Enugu. Since 2011 we have we have been involved in developing school governance frameworks, with support from the Education Sector Support Programme in Nigeria(ESSPIN) in Enugu State, Nigeria. This framework is utilising the instrumentality of School Based Management Committees to improve school governance that would guarantee education access and quality. Currently, we are implementing ESSPIN's SBMC Consolidation activities (2014-2016) in Udi, Nkanu West and Aninri local government areas of Enugu State. Our key activity implementation thrust are: - Advocacy to schools to deal with issues of Inclusive education - Providing support to SBMC functionality,women and children's committees in the 3 LGAs. Our strategies currently are : - Encouraging communities to identify and express problems for education access and quality. - Mentoring SBMC officials on Resource mobilisation etc. - Promoting solutions at school, LGEA and State level. - Monitoring and documenting processes and results. We would wish to be part of the ultimate success story of DEEPEN. We will adopt the M4P methodology when enlisted to work for DEEPEN. The M4P methodology which builds on our experiences working on ESSPIN would help facilitate: .a more transparent,inclusive and favourable regulatory environment for private schools, .increased access to financial products and services for parents and schools. .access toquality,yetaffordable school improvement services,and .increased availability of media platforms to discuss education issues and provide information on good schooling practices.

Developing Effective Private Education Nigeria (DEEPEN)

Developing Effective Private Education Nigeria (DEEPEN) is an innovative programme initiated by the UK’s Department for International Development (DFID) to improve learning outcomes in Lagos’ private schools. DEEPEN will achieve this by creating an enabling environment for private schools and a more effective market for them to offer better quality education.

Through a Making Markets Work for the Poor (M4P) methodology, DEEPEN seeks to facilitate:
• a more transparent, inclusive and favourable regulatory environment for private schools
• increased access to financial products and services for parents and schools
• access to quality yet affordable school improvement services
• increased availability of media platforms to discuss education issues and provide information on good schooling practices

These will be achieved through the programme’s four work streams namely Rules and Standards, Finance, School Improvement Services, and Information.

Connected Development [CODE]

Connected Development [CODE] is a non government organization whose mission is to improve access to information and empower local communities in Africa. We strengthen local communities by creating platforms for dialogue, enabling informed debate, and building capacities of marginalized communities which will bring about social and economic progress within communities, while promoting transparency and accountability.

Mathematical Association of Nigeria

Mathematical Association of Nigeria was established in 1963 at University of Ibadan. The major focus of the association is improvement of teaching and learning of mathematics at all levels of Education in Nigeria. The association do organize national annual conference, where innovative teaching techniques are taught to mathematics teachers nation wide. Besides, during this conference other matter relating to the issues of teaching and learning are discussed and documented and information are passed to relevant authorities.


Nigerian School Health Journal

Welcomes articles on areas of education and health with an emphasis on articles that connect health and learning. It has over 25 volumes and publishes yearly. Contact National President Nigerian School Health Association Prof .O. A. Moronkola, Dept. Human Kinetics and Health Education, University of Ibadan, Ibadan. Email 08023415695 or Editor Editor In Chief Prof. B. O. Ogundele Dept. of Human Kinetics and Health Education, University of Ibadan. The Journal is official Journal of Nigerian School Health Association.