Impacts of teachers’ time management on secondary school students’ academic performance in Ekiti State, Nigeria

This study examined the impact of teachers’ time management on secondary school students’ academic performance in Ekiti State, Nigeria. The sample...

Teachers’ Perception on New Restructured 9-Year Basic Education Curriculum (BEC) in Ekiti- State, Nigeria

This study sought to determine the teachers’ perception on new restructured 9-year BEC in Ekiti State, Nigeria especially with respect to the...

Effects Of Computer-Assisted Oral English Instructional Program On High School Students In Rural Areas In Nigeria

One of the key criteria to evaluate the development of any country is by her ability to explore computer knowledge. Based on this assertion, this...

Managing the Challenges and Prospects of the New Teacher in Contemporary Nigeria

A nation that is aspiring for greatness, self-sufficiency, political and economic emancipation cannot afford running away from effective system...

Class Size and Academic Achievement of Secondary School in EKITI State, Nigeria

The study looked at the class size as it relates to academic performance of students in Ekiti state of Nigeria between 1990 and 1997. The study...


The thrust of Prof. Aladejana's research is in the area of science education where she has contributed immensely to the improvement of science teaching and learning. She has been able to identify various factors that can impede effective learning of science: identification of alternative...Read more


International Centre for Science, Humanities and Education Research

ICSHER has held conferences annually for 10 years, produced 11 volumes and 17 issues of her journal called NASHERJ. It is registered with Corporate Affairs with reg no RC 1092968. It has a 15 member Trustees from universities and colleges of education mainly spread across the nation and hopes to draw interested members from outside Nigeria soon. The aspects of training/capacity building as well as corporate research are still being developed and hope to get to peak soon.