As a gender and theology consultant, with two advanced degrees in theology/religion, Rose Nkechi UchemĀ belongs to several professional bodies where she has also served as executive committee member and editor of academic journals. Her research interests include contextual education on gender-culture-religion and environmental issues with a view to eradication of violence against women. Her Research skills and tools include Problem Tree Analysis, GRAAP Pedagogical Tool for Needs Assessment, Strategic planning and Documentation. Rose has worked in several different global settings including Sierra Leone, Ireland, United States of America, England as well as parts of Nigeria.She is author of numerous published academic journal articles and books focusing mainly on gender, HIV&AIDS, environmental and other issues, the fruit of insights from the many workshops she has either facilitated or organized. In 2010, Rose held a post-doctoral Research fellowship for three months concurrently with a visiting lectureship position at the Crowther Centre for Mission Education, Oxford. Under the auspices of Ifendu For Women's Development, the NGO Rose directs, she has received training grants from Global Fund for Women, MISSIO Munchen, Conrad Hilton Fund for Sisters, MISSIO Aachen, Ecumenical HIV and AIDS Initiative in Africa and World Council of Churches.