Grace Oluremilekun Akanbi's professional training as a teacher started in 1975 and she has the following academic and professional qualifications:

  • Teachers' Grade II Certificate, 1978
  • B.A. (Edu.), History 1987
  • M.Ed. History and Policy of Education, 2004
  • PhD, History and Policy of Education 2001
  • Diploma in Management Information System, 2000
  • Advanced Digital Appreciation, 2010
  • Diploma in Computer Techniques and Application, 2012.

Dr. Akanbi has over 49 publications in and outside Nigeria and she is currently on Sabbatical in the University of Ibadan. The focus of Dr. Akanbi's research has been on History and Policy of Education, Gender Education while attention was also given to some general issues in education. She has been able to assess carefully the indispensability of women education for the general development of Nigeria since women are mothers and better managers. Also, her focus on History and policy has helped to reveal the fact that we are good at formulating policies in Nigeria but we always have problem with the implementation which is imperative for success in any education system. In some of Dr. Akanbi's research it has been stated unequivocally that youth unemployment and insecurity could be traced to lack of flexibility in our education system which stemmed out of poor implementation.