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Sunday Oche Emaikwu has published three different textbooks and has contributed several chapters in different textbooks that are currently being used by students in tertiary institutions for knowledge regeneration. He has been able to develop a rating scale with vital psychometric properties and this could be used by students in evaluating lecturers' effectiveness in universities. He has variously acted as a resource person in the area of educational research methods, statistics and data processing particularly in the aspect of interpreting computer analyzed results and thesis writing. He was able to prove through an experimental research, the efficacy and efficiency of multiple-matrix sampling models in the treatment of incomplete data matrix. This approach is being adapted and used as complementary mechanism for treating missing data in educational system especially in the area of continuous assessment. As a member of editorial board of some international journals, Sunday has connected several academic staff of this university to some international journals and they have published several scholarly researched articles across the globe thereby promoting the international intellectual image of the University of Agriculture, Makurdi and subsequently improving the intellectual rating of the university in general.