Repositioning Teacher Education in Nigeria for Sustainable National Development


This paper examines teacher education in Nigeria as a catalyst for sustainable national development as a result of its position as the trainer of manpower who in turn utilize the human and material resources for the transformation and development of Nigeria. The purpose of this study is to ascertain the need for repositioning teacher education in Nigeria for sustainable national development in the area of general strengths, weaknesses and the need for quality performance that would invariably give birth to quality performance of the present and next generation unborn. The study would be significant in that it would serve as a direction to the Nigerian Educational Planners, stakeholders of Education, provost of colleges of education, National Teachers Institute, and faculties of Education in universities. It will also be beneficial to Federal Government in that it will show how to uplift teacher education in order entice more people into the teaching profession and correct the mind-set of would be professional teachers about teaching profession. Based on the stated facts, the paper examines the performance of teacher education. It highlights the need for quality performance in teacher education and gives some recommendations to address the lapses of teacher education. Candidates for admission rejected by other disciplines as a result of low grades and absorbed by the Faculty of Education should be stopped. Professionals and qualified teachers should be made to take charge of Education Ministries and other related educational commissions. It should not be politicized. There should be constant monitoring and supervision of student teacher trainees by experienced and qualified teachers in line with the National Universities Commission benchmark of twelve weeks