Evaluation of the Implementation of Biology Programme in Secondary Schools in Benue State of Nigeria


The paper evaluated the implementation of biology programme in secondary schools in Benue State. The study employed the survey and expost-facto designs. Two instruments, Biology Programme Evaluation Questionnaires for Teachers (BPEQT), Biology Material Resources Assessment Checklist (BMRAC) were developed, validated and used by the researchers to elicit data from 170 biology teachers in 119 secondary schools randomly selected from 284 schools in the State. The sampling technique was multi-stage sampling. The study revealed among others, that majority (60%) of the biology teachers were not qualified to teach biology, teaching methods often used by teachers were not the same as those recommended for teaching the subject. The study found a significant mean difference in the achievement scores of rural and urban students in West African Secondary School Certificate Examination (WASSCE). For effective implementation of biology programme, more qualified biology teachers should be recruited and unqualified serving ones should be made to go in for in-service trainings.