Education and Prosperity through Technology - Case of Virtual Education Limited, Nigeria


The case of education in Nigeria can be likened to a seed that falls among thorns on the soil, such that when it germinates and continues to grow, the growth is abnormal to the extent that it cannot bear good fruits. Since the advent of western education in Nigeria in 1842, all has not been well with it. It has been facing many crises which have not been allowing it to develop. In this paper, the constraints to education development in Nigeria such as: inadequate access to schools, inadequate funding, inadequate and decay infrastructural facilities, inadequate, low quality and non commitment of teachers, poor academic performance of pupils and students, inappropriate curriculum, corruption, among others were examined. To reposition and move the education forward, government, educational institutions’ administrators, students, parents, and other stakeholders in education have roles to play. In particular, government needs to allocate more fund to education sector, recruit qualified teachers to curb the present shortage in schools, improve teachers' welfare, train and retrain teachers so that they can cope with new challenges, provide adequate infrastructural facilities in schools, curb corruption as well as examination malpractices