Teachers' Utilization as Correlate of Students' Academic Performance in Senior Secondary Schools in Ondo State, Nigeria


This paper examines the relationship between utilisation of teachers and students’ academic performance in senior secondary schools in Ondo State of Nigeria. Descriptive survey and ex-post facto designs were used. Two inventories titled ‘Principals’ Inventory on Human Resource Utilisation’ {PIHRU} and ‘Teachers’ Inventory on Human Resource Utilisation’’ {TIHRU} were used to collect data. Seventy two senior secondary schools -54 public and 18 private – were sampled across the state. The senior secondary school certificate results for 2004/2005 – 2006/2007 were used to determine students’ academic performance. The data collected were analysed with Multiple Regression Analysis and t-test statistic. It was found that it is the effective utilisation of teachers rather than its mere availability that impacts students’ academic performance. This finding could be of help to educational administrator in ensuring better teachers’ utilisation. It was recommended that school hours should be supplemented with extra-curricular activities that promote learning of school subjects, while teachers supervised preparatory classes be made compulsory in public schools like what obtains in private schools. It was also recommended that principals should utilise experienced workforce in administrative position like vice principals to nurture the graduating classes, since they are proficient in acts of examination administration.