Teacher shortages and surpluses in senior secondary schools in Ondo State, Nigeria: A critical review


This paper investigated teacher shortages and surpluses in senior secondary schools in Ondo State,Nigeria. As a descriptive research, the study population comprised all the 281 senior secondary schools in the State. The sample was identical with the population as all the schools were involved in the study. The instrument used to collect data was an inventory while the data collected were analysed using frequency counts and percentages. It was found that there were more shortages of teachers in the science subjects and the Languages than arts and social science subjects in all the schools. It was also found that shortages of teachers were more pronounced in urban schools while surpluses of teachers were more distinct in rural schools. It was then recommended that there should always be an equitable distribution of teachers to schools by the State Teaching Service Commission on the basis of class size and teacher quota per subject. Subjects in which there were teacher shortages should be given more priority in the posting of more teachers to schools while teacher surpluses should be discouraged in all its ramifications. Teachers’ specialization on subjects’ basis should also be taking into consideration in the posting of teachers’ to schools.