The Teacher and Skills Acquisition at Business Education: From the Perspective of Accounting Skills


The aim of entrepreneurship training as stipulated by the European Commission 2008, among others include; raising awareness of students about business skills, knowledge, promoting creativity, innovation and self-employment. This calls for entrepreneurship education that will equip the students upon graduation to be fitted in the dynamic society. This includes the acquisition of skills in areas that will be useful to business students and make them selfreliant,independent and productive citizens of the society.This paper examines therefore, the concepts of Business education, entrepreneurship education, its skills and skills acquisition. It further discusses how students can acquire skills in accounting as aspect of business education which is a tool that will enable him/her fit comfortable in his environment as an individual.Finally, strategies for promoting entrepreneurship in Business Education curriculum which include business teacher entrepreneur counselor, school workshops and seminars and acquisition of entrepreneurship education skills are also discussed. It is recommended among others that the curriculum developers should integrate those subjects that will help the students to acquire necessary skills needed for sustenance of one’s life and the society at large.