Social Studies Teachers' Perception of the Junior Secondary School Social Studies Curriculum in Edo State


Curriculum development and implementation have pre-occupied the minds educationists and philosophers since the global evolution of modern educational systems. The search for a defined role for teachers in the successful implementation of Social Studies curriculum has been a central theme of research effort over the past several decades. This study employing a questionnaire-based survey strategy is aimed at evaluating Social Studies teachers’ perception of the essential features of the junior secondary school Social Studies curriculum in Edo State of Nigeria. A sample of one hundred and seven three Social Studies teachers were randomly selected from one hundred and fifty (150) junior secondary schools in Edo state using multi-stage stratified sampling technique. The estimated reliability co-efficient of the instrument was found to be 0.85 using cronbach Alpha technique. Data were analysed at 0.05 level of significance using Z-test of proportion and t-test using Statistical Package for the Social Sciences (SPSS) software, version 17.0. The result showed that majority of Social Studies teachers above 50% had acceptable score on perception of junior secondary school Social Studies curriculum. The qualification of teachers did not influence their perception. It is recommended that effort be intensified in the training of professionally qualified Social Studies teachers and the integration of teachers in all phases of Social Studies curriculum development and implementation.