Skill-Oriented Curriculum: a Sine Qua Non for Nigerian Education of the 21st Century


This paper tries to emphasize the necessity of a skill – oriented curriculum as a sine –quo-non of Nigerian education of the 21st century. It examined skill oriented curriculum as a very important component of Nigerian education in the 21st century. The concepts and purposes of skill-oriented curriculum were discussed within the context of entrepreneurship studies. The place of skill – oriented curriculum in functional education was x –rayed as seen in countries like Japan and Asian Tigers. The major components of skill – oriented curriculum were given as well as the synergy that should exist between this type of curriculum and wealth generation plus employment badly needed in the Nigeria economy of the 21st century. This research also found out the opinions of science teachers on the concept of a skill -oriented curriculum and results shows that more of the teachers were of the opinion that the curriculum show be more of practicals and youths should have opportunity to be trained in handiworks, also that the graduates are prepared as job- seekers and not as job-creators. Results also reveal that there are not enough skill acquisition centres; not enough avenues and opportunities for training and not enough production activities to equip both teachers and youths for self-employment. Conclusions were drawn after making recommendations.