The Role of Assessment in Improving Teacher Quality


Assessment in education entails the many processes involved in order to achieve educational aims and objectives. The world as a whole is advancing astronomically in many ways and notably in information and communication technology (ICT). However in many countries of the world like Nigeria, ICT is still far from being a part of the education system so that educational practices are still archaic, slow and cumbersome, the result of which is passive teaching and learning. The preoccupation of this paper therefore is the examination of the concept of assessment, teacher quality and examination of some challenges of teachers. This paper goes further to suggest that the way forward for teachers is to improve themselves in spite of government and institutional constraints through the resort to ICT literacy. By so doing, teachers would have access to the educational developments around the globe that could improve the performance of their duties which would in turn both aid in a better achievement of educational aims and objectives as well as the improvement in the professional qualities of teachers themselves. Further recommendations that could aid government, educational institutions and teachers become ICT compliant are given.