Results of the Early Grade Reading Assessment (EGRA) in Hausa


This report presents the results of an Early Grade Reading Assessment (EGRA) administered in Hausa to primary grade 3 students in Bauchi and Sokoto states in Northern Nigeria. The data collection was conducted in February and March 2011 as part of the Northern Nigeria Education Initiative (NEI), supported by USAID. The purpose of the EGRA was to measure pupils’ ability to read in Hausa, the language of instruction for P1-P3 in these two northern states. The objective is to use the data to inform improvements in the education sector, with the specific aim of improving reading in Hausa in the early grades. As part of the EGRA survey, questionnaires were also administered to students, head teachers, and Hausa language teachers to provide contextual information about students’ learning environment and to better inform the EGRA results.