Relationship between Teachers’ Attitude and Students’ Academic Achievement in Mathematics in Some Selected Senior Secondary Schools in Southwestern Nigeria


The study found out the relationship among teachers’ attitude and students’ academic achievement in secondary school mathematics. The study is an ex-post facto type, which adopted descriptive survey design. Three research questions were answered in the study. The subjects for the study were one thousand five hundred and forty two (1542) senior secondary two mathematics students and one hundred and twenty three (123) mathematics teachers selected from two secondary schools from each of the six senatorial districts in the Southwestern part of Nigeria. Two research instruments were used for data collection. The data were analyzed using simple frequency and percentages. The findings revealed that there was good and positive attitude of teachers towards the teaching of mathematics in secondary schools in spite of the shortcomings that has bedeviled the teaching profession and particularly in the teaching of mathematics. It is very important that teachers of mathematics should be adequately remunerated and well equipped and be psychologically prepared to teach the subject in the secondary schools.