Promoting Effective Management of the Universal Basic Education in Primary Schools through the Establishment of Guidance and Counselling Programme


There are multifaceted challenges which the child faces as he or she crosses over from the home to the school. If the initial fears, stress and confusions are not properly managed, it could lead to loss of interest in learning. To assist the school child to adjust and settle down properly demands for the presence and services of the school counsellor. It is the counsellor who has the unilateral training in the promotion of desirable interpersonal relationship in individuals and groups. It is the realization of this fact that prompted the researcher into seeking the opinions of head – teachers on the inclusion of guidance and counselling in the Universal Basic Education, UBE Primary Schools. Based on this, information was collected and analyzed; It was recommended that the establishment of guidance and counselling is vital for the effective management of the UBE Primary Schools.