Predictive Validity of NECO Junior School Certificate Examination on Students’ Achievement in NECO Senior School Certificate Examination


This study ascertained the predictive validity of NECO Junior School Certificate Examination on students achievement in Senior School Certificate Examination (SSCE) conducted by NECO. The study employed the correlation and regression techniques to correlate the predictor and criterion variables. The JSCE scores (predictor variable) were matched with the SSCE scores (criterion variable). The sample for the study comprised three hundred and eighty eight pairs of students scores randomly selected from Federal Unity Schools, University Secondary Schools and Command Secondary Schools in Ebonyi and Enugu States. Results of the findings showed that there is a low, positive but significant correlation between students’ achievement in NECO-JSCE and in the SSCE conducted by NECO. The study also reveals that the predictive power of NECO-JSCE in predicting achievement in NECO-SSCE is moderated by gender and that a noticeable difference was observed on male and female students’ achievement in the NECO conducted examinations. Students’ achievement in Mathematics in JSCE had more predictive strength on students’ achievement in SSCE than other subjects. Social studies had the weakest predictive power in predicting students’ achievement in geography