The Playground: an Integral Part of The Nigerian Learning Environment


NIGERIAN schools have an abundance of outdoor space that can be made into exciting playgrounds where children learn through play. This concept is inherent in the open-classroom concept but rarely is it applied to the playground. The work-play playground should be made inspiring for children's play by incorporating an abundance of cheap materials that can be built onto, torn down and changed at the whim of students and teachers alike. These materials will include ropes, logs, tires, gardens and animal projects. Through the playground children can learn to take responsibility for themselves and others and the environment. Goals of the green revolution can be achieved by the awareness of this responsibility. Teachers will participate in the playground activities in accordance with the philosophy of the open classroom. Teachers will participate on the playground but remain in the background. The playground will become a child oriented outdoor classroom free of imposed restrictions but exhibiting skills of cooperation thought fullness and responsibility needed in the adult world.