Perception of Mentorship by Graduate and Non-Graduate Primary and Pre-Primary School Teachers in Rivers State, Nigeria


The study was carried out to determine the level of implementation of teacher mentorship and differences in the perception of the graduate and non-graduate teachers towards mentorship progammes . The study whose population was 8577 teachers sampled 843 teachers through the use of simple random sampling techniques. A researcher made questionnaire titled “teacher assessment of mentorship programmes” constitutes the main instrument. The data generated was analyzed using population and independent t-tests. The results revealed that the implementation level of teacher mentorship was not significant and the graduate and non-graduate teachers did not also differ significantly. The study therefore recommended that the government and those in charge of education need to revive or re-embark on teacher mentorship scheme as well as properly communicate the dividends derivable from mentorship retraining programmes to the teachers through the circulation of bulletins via the NUT or LEA offices