Parents’ and Teachers’ Preferred Medium of Instruction in Primary Schools in Enugu, Nigeria


This study which investigated parents’ and teachers’ preferred medium of instruction in primary schools was conducted in Enugu, South East, Nigeria. It employed the descriptive survey research method. 500 respondents were used for the study. 250 teachers were selected through simple random sampling technique. Two researcher-designed questionnaires were used to elicit the required data. The generated data were analysed using percentage and x2 statistic. The findings showed that parents and teachers preferred the biliterate bilingual (code mixing) Education Policy in primary education. It also showed that there was a significant difference in parents’ and teachers’ preferences for medium of instruction in primary schools in Nigeria. It was concluded that the proper implementation of the language education policy spelt out in the National Policy on Education may still remain a mirage if proper consultation vis-à-vis education and sensitization of stakeholders –parents and teachers- is not carried out in due course. A thorough review of the existing policy is therefore recommended as part of educational reform agenda in Nigeria.