Parents’ and Teachers’ Perception of Selection as a Factor of Quality in the Curriculum Process in Nigeria


This study was motivated by the need to redress the problem of decline in the quality of education in Nigerian schools. Although there are several factors that influence success in the learning situation, it is contended in this paper that the provision of the other conditions of learning may not have marked impact on successful learning if the learner is not intellectually prepared and fit for studies at that particular level. Selection is required in order to identify suitably qualified candidates for admission or promotion. In Nigeria, everybody wants to go to the university and earn a degree, including those who do not have the capacity to do so. The issue of selection therefore, seems to be controversial. This study sought to find out the perception of Nigerian parents and teachers of selection as a factor of quality in the curriculum process. A 13-item four-point scale questionnaire was administered to a sample of 2000 parents and 1000 teachers on this subject. While parents and teachers were to a large extent in agreement on the importance of quality education in any society as a guarantee for the effectiveness of that education, they disagreed on selection as a means to it. The teachers were better disposed to the practice of selection in the curriculum process than the parents. The paper recommends the need for the government to insist on standards in the admission and promotion processes in the schools.