Parent Teachers Association (PTA) Roles and Funding of Private School Administration in Nigeria


Infractions may occur between the school and community, thereby, hampering their coexistence. School-Community conflict in practical sense is resolved through the internal and external administrative mechanisms. The Ministry of education, Schools boards, Board of governors, PTA is relevant policy makers that determine most school decisions. The Ministry and State school board instituted the Board of governors to directly oversee school operations. The Board of governors was absolutely empowered by various state governments in Nigeria to coordinate the affairs of schools especially at the secondary level. The Parents Teachers Associations (PTA) in the 1990’s till date power have hijacked this function in the administrative structure of the school system. The PTA now takes responsibility of determining many policies that exist in most schools today for its overall development, hence, assisting the principals in daily administrative process. This paper thus, examines the concept of Parent Teachers Association (PTA) roles and funding of private school administration in Nigeria. It looks at the misconceptions and misapplications of this tool in funding of private schools which requires single entrepreneurial effort. Finally, summary and recommendations were made on the position for proper examination.