The Language Element in the Nigerian Secondary School French Curriculum


School in Nigeria with a view to finding out what is the proportion of, elements that could be described as language-specific. The need to do this arises when we take into account the tendency for most french textbook to deal with language learning via the so-called inductive method or to use, as Hendrix and Meiden (1948) have done in their book “Beginning French”, the cultural approach. It is the author’s opinion that while the concept ‘Language elements’ needs to be properly grouped, it is important for teachers of French and also text-book authors to come to terms with the appropriate. Definition of the language content of a French course so that students could lean to appreciate how language structure functions to inform meaning and provided bases for real-life social interaction. Moreover, the author proposes not only new areas of attention for language emphasis but also a sense of order in presenting language-specific.