Home and School Factors as Determinants of Students’ Achievement in Senior Secondary School English Comprehension in Four South Western States


The study examined the relative and combined contributions of the home and school factors as determinants of students’ achievement in Senior Secondary School English Comprehension, and carried in some Secondary Schools spread across four Geo Political States in South Western part of Nigeria. Two specially designed questionnaires (The Home Factor Scale (HFS), and School Factor Scale (SFS)) were used to collect data from One thousand and seven hundred students who were randomly sampled which were analyzed with stepwise multiple regression. The finding implied that the achievement of students in English language Comprehension could be predicted by the combination of students’ home and school factors. It was recommended that teachers should perform their supervisory roles of giving out exercises and marking at the expected time so that the students can get the feedback at the appropriate time while parents should also be favorably disposed to the academic work of their children.