Government and Private Efforts in the Provision of Secondary Education in Ogun State, Nigeria: an Appraisal


Pre-independence, it was predominantly missionaries that were providing formal educational services. Immediately after and before 1975 it was mostly by governments. Contributions of missionaries and private individuals were very minimal. Services rendered by the governments were unable to meet the needs. Governments rolled out guidelines for private individuals and groups to establish schools. The objective of this paper is to compare private and government efforts in the provision of secondary education. Twenty five private schools and thirty public schools were randomly selected for interview across the geographic zones. Documents on school registrations and students enrolments in both public and private schools were perused and compared. Principals and proprietors of schools and colleges were interviewed. Principal Officers in the Ministries of Education were interviewed. Private schools exist all over. There is no Educational Zone that does not have Private Schools. There were more private schools than governments’ in some zones. They are complimenting and supplementing the services of the governments’. But, their services and operations have to be checked and controlled by the governments. Governments should encourage and support establishment of schools and colleges. Private individuals and groups should combine efforts to render stronger and more reliable services as it is in the banking industry. Government should not attempt to take over schools again. Private individuals and groups should also venture into establishment of Technical Colleges and Trade Centres where the focus is solely on technical education.