Gender and Teacher Education in Nigeria


The paper examines the effect of gender on teacher education. It is evident from the data collected that access to teacher education, professional growth and school policies are of major concern. 438 respondents all teachers at various levels of our educational system were randomly selected from 10 states in Nigeria: 5 states from the North and 5 states from the south. A questionnaire containing 20 items on equal access to teacher education, equality in professional growth and school policies which may discriminate against male or female in teacher education was drawn. These items were drawn in line with the research questions. The data collected were analysed using the mean, Standard Deviation and Simple percentage methods. The study revealed that male and female do not have equal access to teacher education, there is disparity in terms of professional growth and there are no school policies discriminating against gender in teacher education. The study recommends that male and female should be given equal opportunity for teacher education, special considerations should be put in place for professional growth among female and school policies must be gender friendly.