Examination Malpractices among Secondary Schools Students in Ondo State, Nigeria: Perceived Causes and Possible Solutions


This paper investigated teachers’ perception of examination malpractices among secondary schools students in Ondo State, Nigeria. As a descriptive research, the study population comprised all the 481 secondary schools in Ondo State, Nigeria. This was made up of 281 public and 200 private schools as well as 210 urban and 272 rural schools. The sample consisted of 245 schools made up of 142 public and 103 private schools. Out of the 142 public schools, 62 were urban while 80 were rural schools. Out of the 103 private schools, 47 were urban while 56 were rural schools. Out of the 4250 teachers in the schools, 960 teachers were selected. The methods of selection were also by multi-stage and stratified random sampling techniques. The instrument used to collect data was a questionnaire while the data collected were analyzed using percentages, Person r Product Moment correlation and the t-test. The findings revealed that one major cause of examination malpractices in the schools was indiscipline among students that made many of them to be involved in examination malpractices. Other important causes include the non-implementation of the examination malpractices decree and the lack of effective supervision of students during examinations. It was recommended that concerted efforts should be made at improving the level of discipline among students through counselling services in the schools. There should be the full implementation of the examination malpractices decree. There should be increased efforts at effective supervision of students during examinations. The termination of appointment of examination officials and teachers involved in perpetrating examination malpractices should be in force to serve as a deterrent to others.