Equality of Man and Equality of Educational Opportunities in Nigeria


The issue of equality of man and equality of educational opportunities need to be discussed, and its meaning's strengthened to enable an average citizen of Nigeria to know what to expect each time any of them is mentioned. This is important, especially now that the various state governors and the federal government are emphasising on the Universal Basic Education, Migrant Fishermen Children's Education and Nomadic Education to mention but the three, as processes for granting open opportunities to all Nigerian citizens. This paper takes a philosophical study of the concept of equality of man, which includes the rights to equal educational opportunities for all. Six different kinds of equality and three kinds of inequality are mentioned. The paper further discusses these various aspects of equality in relation to Nigerian education. It concluded that rather than equality, what we have in Nigeria is inequality of opportunity. It lists a number of factors responsible for the above and suggested ways of achieving some level of equality opportunity in Nigeria, especially in education.