Education Reforms in Nigeria: Implications for the Girl-Child Participation in Sciences, Technology and Mathematics (Stm)


The disparity in the education of male and female youths is a national issue particularly in developing countries like Nigeria. The dominant of male gender in schools in general and in the study of certain school subjects or career in particular has been affirmed by research reports. For instance, existing literature indicated low enrolment of females in the study of Sciences, Technology and Mathematics. This has strong implications for national development. This paper is a theoretical one. It presents primary and secondary sources of data to indicate the participation of female gender particularly in acquiring knowledge and skills in science and technology. The paper also highlights the importance of education as related to the girl-child; problems of girl-child participation in Sciences, Technology and Mathematics (STM) and the implications of the educational reforms for the girl-child education, Based on the discussions, conclusion is drawn and suggestions made on ways of bringing education to the doorstep of the girl- child in Nigeri