Demand, Supply and Utilization of Secondary School Teachers in Kabba/Bunu District of Kogi State, Nigeria


This study examined the demand, supply and utilization of secondary school teachers in Kabba/Bunu Local Government Area, Kogi State. Ten secondary schools were selected from the Local Government (comprising of three schools in urban areas and seven schools in rural areas), using stratified random sampling techniques. Nine teachers were randomly selected from teachers in senior classes in urban schools and six teachers in rural schools. Relevant data were collected through the use of highly structural and validated questionnaires, titled “Demand, Supply and Utilization of Secondary School Teachers (DSUSST)” and “Utilization of secondary school teachers (USST)”. The research instrument was administered to selected secondary school principals and subject teachers respectively. The data were analyzed using simple percentage, mean, ratio, Pearson product moment correlation statistics and multiple regression analysis at 0.05 levels of significance. The result of the study revealed that there are inadequate basic science and English Language teachers in both rural and urban schools; there are no incentives for teachers in rural schools and 81 percent of the teachers are qualified. Based on the findings, it is recommended that supply of teachers should be carefully planned and properly executed while meaningful incentives like leave bonus, free medical treatment for teachers and their families, 15% basic salary as incentives for teachers in difficult terrains should be given to the teachers especially teachers in rural areas.