Curriculum Review: Reactions from Education Stakeholders in South-South States of Nigeria


This study examines reactions from educationstakeholders in South-South States of Nigeria on issues facing curriculum design and implementation especially at secondary school level. One hundred and fifty (150) participants (stakeholders) were purposefully sampled for the study. Qualitative technique was used to elicit information from participants. The qualitative method used was Focus Group Discussion (FGD). Participants were divided into six group comprising of 25 persons each. Group discussions were based on specific theme including curriculum contents, secondary and university education objectives, national needs of secondary and university education, teaching methods, curriculum practice/implementation and evaluation techniques. Information from participants revealed that the curriculum content, pedagogy, evaluation techniques among others in secondary schools are inadequate, unrealistic and should be reviewed. We recommended the urgent review of secondary school curriculum, proper funding of education and provision of school physical facilities as a panacea to eminent collapse of secondary education in Nigeria.