Curbing Examination Dishonesty in Nigeria through Value Education


Examination dishonesty is one of the most devastating and conspicuous forms of indiscipline in Nigeria. It has become a cankerworm in the Nigerian education system over the years. It has graduated from being an educational issue to an educational crisis. It has many forms, causes and consequences and the Nigerian government has tried on many occasions to put an end to it but to no avail. It is a hyper-dreaded monster which has to be curbed in the Nigerian educational system. This paper identifies the different dimensions, causes and consequences of examination dishonesty in Nigeria and how it can be curbed through the teaching of value education by given opportunity to students to reflect different values and the practical implications of expressing them in relation to themselves and others. Teaching them that values may vary from people to people and from culture to culture, but there are universally- accepted and cherished values such as honesty, integrity, openness and uprightness which they can imbibe. These set of universally- accepted values are recommended to be taught to children right from home, to the elementary, secondary, to the tertiary level of education in Nigeria. If this is done, there would be proper integrity in the systems of examination in Nigeria.