Comparison of Private and Public Schools Products Performance in Mathematics and English Language from Educational Technology Perspective


This paper examined the influence of a specified primary school education experience on the academic performance of junior secondary students I, in Methodist Grammar School, Bodija, Ibadan. The private primary schools used here are those where instructional materials are used to teach pupils, before entry into secondary school. The study involved 100 students of the school with 50 having come in from public primary schools and the other 50 from private primary school where teaching materials are used. The instrument for the study is the teacher made test in English and Mathematics. The data collected were subjected to t-test statistical analysis at 0.05 significant level. The result of the study reveals that students who had private school background out performed their counterparts who attended public primary schools in English and Mathematics. Recommendations were made for the improvement of the education of the children who could not afford the fees of private schools to have access to quality education.