The Challenges of Social Studies Educators for Effective Teacher Preparation and Implementation of the Universal Basic Education Programme in Nigerian Junior Secondary Schools


The UBE (universal basic education) is one of the laudable reforms in education in Nigeria, which is implemented through social studies instruction. This study investigated social studies teachers’ capability for effective implementation of the UBE in junior secondary schools in Orlu education zone of Imo State of Nigeria. The study is a survey which made use of 20 social studies teachers in public schools as the sample. Results from the study indicate that social studies teachers are not adequately aware of the objectives of UBE. In addition, teacher training institutions have not prepared social studies teachers sufficiently for the implementation of the UBE programme, their teaching does not inject appreciable creativity in the learner, and teachers do not use ITCs (information and communication technologies) in the discharge of instruction as they are not ICT-skilled. Teachers are not sufficiently exposed in their training to reforms in education, specifically the UBE and that the teaching of social studies is not functional in injecting practical skills and vocational training in the learner, which is the basic objective of UBE. Implications of the study and recommendations are delineated.