Assessment of Violence against Children at the Basic Education Level in Nigeria


The purpose of the study was to establish baseline data on the situation of violence against children in Basic Education in Nigeria. Specifically, the objectives of the study were to determine the prevalence of the various types of violence against children at the basic education level in Nigeria; identify the influence of violence on school attendance and find out the existing strategies in schools for the prevention and management of violence. The study was conducted in 4 states of the country. Two states each were selected from the northern and southern parts of Nigeria. Specifically, Ondo and Abia states were selected from the south, while Sokoto and Taraba states were selected from the north. The state selection was by random sampling technique. Three LGAs were selected from each state – one from each senatorial district. A total of 386 learners, 93 teachers and 24 head teachers from 48 schools participated in the study.