An Assessment of Primary School Teachers’ Competence in the Teaching of Civic Education in Southwestern, Nigeria


This study assessed the professional qualifications of primary school teachers as well as their civic knowledge and attitudes as factors for determining the extent to which they are competent in teaching civic education. Two instruments titled Teachers’ Civic Knowledge Test (TCKT) and Teachers’ Civic Attitude Scale (TCAS) were designed for the study. Three hundred and eleven primary school teachers from Osun and Ondo states were involved in the study. Three research questions were raised and answered. . Percentages were used in analyzing the data obtained in the study. The findings revealed that most (73.9%) of the primary school teachers possessed the necessary professional qualification (Nigeria Certificate of Education – NCE) that is required to teach in the Nigerian primary schools. However, majority of the teachers did not possess the civic knowledge and attitude required for the effective teaching of civic concepts in their respective classes. It is recommended that civic education should be integrated into the teacher education programme in Nigeria. In-service training on civic and political matters should be adopted to retrain teachers that are already on the job..