Assessment and Examination: the Pathways to Educational Development


Nigeria is presently concerned with developing educational policies that will transform her status from a developing to a developed economy. The acquisition of technical education is possible from secondary to tertiary levels of the country’s 6-3-3-4 education system. At tertiary levels, Universities, Polytechnics and Monotechnics have been in place for the intended technical growth. However, at the end of 2006, the Nigerian Federal Government announced the conversion of all Polytechnics to Universities. Following this development, this paper explains the goals of technical education in Nigeria as well as strategies for the implementation of these goals and its constraints. This paper welcomes the development of the conversion of the Nation’s Polytechnics to Universities but cautions that the change may not be smooth because, naturally, some of the people affected may resist it and therefore, some recommendations are proffered that would aid a smooth conversion of Polytechnics to Universities