Analysis on Cost and Financing of Pre-School Education in Nigeria


This paper gives the analysis on cost and financing of pre-school education in Nigeria. The Education for All (EFA) No 1 Goal is the “comprehensive early childhood care and education especially for the most vulnerable and disadvantaged children”. To what extent is the programme receiving government financial support to be able to achieve the policy statement? This study used ex-post facto design, using the existing data on Education Sector Analysis Unit (ESA), Federal Ministry of Education (FME). Miscellaneous items such as school lunch and transportation of the children constitutes 48.30% of the total cost, and are such are the main determinants of unit cost of education. Majority of Nigerians are living on less than N160 ($1) a day. This depicts how the majority are unable to have access to quality pre-school education to lay a solid foundation for life-long learning. The study concludes by recommending cost effective strategies that will guarantee wider access to pre-school education in order to achieve the policy statement.